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Why should I Pre Order?

What is a Pre Order?
Also called an "advance order" or a "pre-sale," a pre order is simply an order placed to reserve an item 
that has not yet been released by the manufacturer or publisher.
Why should I place a Pre Order?
1. Pre order items are usually discounted 5-15% off of the regular retail price. We even ship many of them for free!
2. Many pre order items are limited editions, with the number produced based on initial orders from distributors and
          retailers (in other words, they are manufactured to order). With items like this, it is not unheard of for many retailers
          to sell out of their entire order in advance and/or for secondary market prices to rise sharply once the product is
3. A good number of the pre order items that we offer for sale appeal to only a very specialized market segment, so
          many of them will not be held in inventory after release. For similar reasons, these items may be difficult to obtain
          even after the product has been released.
4. If you want a particular item place a pre order for it today, so you will not be disappointed later!
More info about Pre Orders:
1. We require a 20% deposit on all pre orders. The balance is due once the product actually arrives in stock.
2. Each item available for pre order will have a projected arrival date stated on our website.
3. While every effort is made to provide accurate shipping dates, using the best information available from 
          manufacturers, delays can and do happen. Therefore, these release dates should be considered estimates 
          only. Delays of up to a few weeks are not uncommon, and are often attributable to minor difficulties in the 
          production or distribution of that product.
4. In the rare instance that an item is either cancelled or allocated by the manufacturer, we will refund any 
          deposits paid toward the purchase of the item in question.  Other than these circumstances, deposits for  
          pre order items are otherwise non-refundable. In extraneous circumstances, if a customer wishes to 
          cancel a pre order, their deposit can be returned as a store credit only. Any deposits for auctioned items 
          are strictly non-refundable unless the product has been cancelled or allocated by the manufacturer.